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This is a question I always wanted an answer to. When my parents were getting a divorce, I always wondered whats going to happen to me and the rest of my siblings. Or who was I going to live with?

Choosing who I wanted to live with was a very difficult choice I had to make and overcome. I didn’t know who to pick because I didn’t want either parents to think the wrong way because I chose to live with the other parent.

Being the only girl in the family made my decision even tougher. In the end, I had no choice but to live with my dad because of  family personal issues. After a while, I continued to move back and forth to my mother and father. I now live with my father.

One of my thoughts is from reading this article is: Whose going to have custody of the kids? That’s probably one of the biggest fears a parent can have. I’m pretty sure this will be a very deep and challenging decision a divorced parent will experience.

My answer to this question is “no” because if you stay together for the sake of the kids,  then your household atmosphere probably won’t be positive and it is probably better on to be divorced.

Situations can depend on whether to stay together for the kids or not. For instance, if it’s an abusive relationship, or domestic violence, etc., that’s when you must take divorce into consideration.

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