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Sometimes, recovering from something isn’t easy. Recovering from divorce is probably one of the toughest part that couples along with children, have to manage through with, depending on the circumstance.

I found an article, “10 Steps to Recover from a Divorce or Breakup” by Rinatta Paries. This article will help those in need of recovering from a divorce or break-up to overcome the situation.

I think it’s probably difficult to carry on after divorce because usually those who divorced have been together for many years and is used to their life as a spouse with their family.

In the beginning, a little bit after my parents were divorced, I didn’t know how to react towards some of my family members who I haven’t seen in a very long time due to my parents’ situation. Even til this day, I am still recovering from it because there are times where I visit my other side of the family, and it feels a little weird because I haven’t seen or spoken to them in so long.

I believe that this article gives really good clear steps on how to approach the position that adults are accustomed to after divorcing or breaking up.

I really consider following up on steps nine and ten.

Step number 9 says: Resolve to learn everything about yourself and relationships.

My response to this is: After your devastating breakup, learn from your mistakes. You have to understand and know what you are seeking for in a relationship, what and what not to accept.

And for step number ten: As every adult is or should be doing, take care of yourself!

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