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Despite the divorce rate continuously rising every year in America, the divorce rate in China is also climbing higher than America’s rate today.

According to Marriage 101, the divorce rate in America is more than 50 percent, which means one in two couples will end their marriage.

Can you imagine half of the people in the world being divorced? Remarried? or a single parent? Not only does the divorce rate affects the society, what about the children?

Some people may be very careless about this situation and don’t think it’s a big deal. Anything is a big deal if it’s something human beings go through. Divorce can be and or feel like a deep scar in the child’s heart.

On CNN World news, Divorce rate rises in China by Jaime FlorCruz also examined that China’s divorce rate is 1.71 million, meaning one in five Chinese marriages ended in divorce. The divorce rate in China is more increased than America.

This shows that divorce itself is a issue nationwide.  What can be done to decrease the divorce rate?

A few things that can be possibly done to decrease the divorce rate are, communication and seeing a marriage therapist.

Talking it out can relieve the stress you’ve been holding onto. Tell each other what’s been going through your mind. Express your feelings in a respectful loving way.

Also, seeing a therapist for the sake of your marriage is a very beneficial step to further and better your relationship. Most couples may not take take this into consideration, but please do!

I believe the effects are more of a major issue than the process of divorce itself. Parents and children may need help cope in this situation. Here’s an great site on “Children and Divorce” this site is an assistance for parents to help their children deal with the effects of separation and divorce.

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