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A broken heart has scar a child’s life.

An article I read  “Children of Divorced Parents are most likely to Themselves Divorce” by Nicholas H. Wolfinger, an adjunct associate professor of sociology at the University of Utah has spent a decade on the marriages in divorce homes in America.

According to his findings a couple may be up to twice as likely to divorce if one spouse grows up with divorced parents. If both spouses from divorced parents, the couple is three times more likely to divorce than couples who both grew up from intact families.

In my opinion, I believe this is a very unfair situation because who (as a child) would think that later in life when they marry, their marriage would be broken? I find it dreadful that the genetics of divorced parents would be passed down to their child.

This may be a reason why the divorce rate in America is rising. Some people may not see divorce as an issue today, but in reality it is. Not only is it rising, but it’s affecting the future of the child, and so on.

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