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As I was further researching on the most common causes of divorce in America, this is what caught my eyes in less than five seconds!

Social network, Facebook, is a common cause of divorce

According to The Tech Journal, Facebook is the new cause of divorce.

This is very shocking to me because as a teen who uses Facebook, It makes me think twice now about what’s really going on behind Facebook–people ruin their marriages because of it sometimes.

I wonder why this isn’t one of the ten top news in the world. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, divorce is an issue in the world that is clearly recognized. It seems to me that divorce isn’t a problem to the society at all.

Facebook is a very popular social network that millions of people all over the world use to communicate and connect with one another.

To know that marriages are being ruined because people are having an affair over Facebook is just foolish unless both couples are fine with it.

But adults have to know that Facebook is not to be blamed for couples breaking their marriage. It’s the individuals fault. Facebook is a very open network space, and you can’t really hide your personal business, especially cheating.

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